Trottinette Micro- Sprite special edition RASPBERRY FLORAL DOT

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Micro- Sprite special edition RASPBERRY FLORAL DOT

Without many extra and although in usual Micro quality, this is micro of scooter spirits. Causes by his(its) compact size he(it) is a real lightweight and, therefore, also for children or beginners of the ideal Micro Scooter. His(its) ease pays off not only while carrying the Scooters, but also cares for a simple manipulation while going. This agile aluminium Scooter already is for years a popular companion - on the way to school, but also to the pendulum.

This Scooter has a device for the strap.

Ideal for Way to school and leisure
Maximum stress 100 kgs
Kind(Way) of the rolls(roles) 120 mms / 100 mms PU
Floor covering Asphalt

Weight(Importance) 2.9 kgs
Folding Yes
Steering wheel height 1 65 cms
Steering wheel height 2 95 cms